Together, We Can Protect

At The Growing Years Learning Centers, one of our biggest goals is giving you the peace of mind to know that when you leave your child with us, they will be safe and sound all day.

To meet this goal, all of our centers have secured outside doors. Using and electronic code system only accessible to parents, we can ensure that unauthorized visitors are not allowed access. We also use a strict dual check-in/out procedure which requires both you and the teacher to sign your child in and out each day.

Each classroom is also equipped with a video camera, which enables you to check in on your child anytime throughout the day. This webcam access is secured with a username and login password so that you know that only parents are able to watch. Viewable from any desktop, this service gets high marks from our parents as an easy way to monitor their child’s progress and help alleviate any separation anxiety you may experience.

Here at The Growing Years, we believe that open communication is of utmost importance. We want your feedback and are always looking for ways to improve the care we provide. First and foremost, we want your child to feel safe, happy, and loved. We work to nurture your child’s growth and development. We encourage individuality and strive to teach respect, kindness, honesty, integrity, and above all, love for themselves and others.

Our discipline policy reflects this philosophy. We use positive redirection to deal with minor behavior problems. This technique is so effective because it encourages good behaviors rather than emphasizing bad ones. We know that children gain a healthy self-concept when they are praised and valued. This is the foundation of a production, successful life. That is why our partnership with you is our most valued asset. Together, we can help your children reach their full potential.

Our Commitment

The Growing Years is still committed to the same values and ideals that paved our beginnings. You can always count on a friendly face to greet or help you in any way.

The Growing Years' Mission Statement

Together, our mission is to build each child’s character through a partnership with families while providing high quality instruction based on sound, proven curriculum in which we aid in the development of each child’s social, intellectual, emotional and physical growth, thus making a positive contribution to our future generations and broader community.