School Age

Whether you need full time care while your child is on Summer Break or Tracked Out, or after school care, you can be sure that your school-ager will enjoy our fun-filled and educational programs. We know that older children thrive on being independent with a variety of activities to choose from so we created their environment to reflect those needs.

Daily activities and lessons follow educational standards to ensure that our curriculum works in tandem with school goals. We share weekly lesson plans with you so that you understand your child’s questions and reactions.

The Growing Years The Growing Years is your child’s safe link between home and school. During the school year, we provide transportation to and from local schools by certified drivers. For summer and other long breaks, we keep your child actively engaged in learning so they can transition back to school smoothly.

Through play, modeling, and traditional teaching methods, your child will learn about diversity, compromise, and empathy. Weekly lessons range from nutrition and cooking to sensitivity of others. Your student will also continue their fundamental education through Creative Curriculum without feeling like they’re in school.

Our Fun-filled summertime program helps keep your child in a learning frame of mind, while allowing some time to have fun. Each day includes time with books or other quiet activities to allow them the opportunity to process the day’s lessons and events, as well as time for physical activities including organized sports and field trips to local attractions.

Our Curriculum

We believe our curriculum promotes active life-long learning and allows children to become independent thinkers and problem solvers. We also believe with teaching staff and families working together, our children can achieve anything!