When it’s time to move up to the Toddler room, your child’s caregivers will provide this active age group with the freedom to discover the world along with the snuggles and hugs so important to a growing toddler. The classroom environment is specifically designed with your child’s needs in mind…a balance between keeping them safe and secure, while at the same time allowing them to practice their newfound independence and budding skills.

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The Growing Years Your Child’s caregivers will regularly encourage independence while letting your child know that there is someone they can depend on within reach. The will help her or him master the soft climbers and steps in the room to help develop balance and other motor skills. They will help explore creativity with paints, crayons, and play dough. They will make time for playing house and dress-up for expanding their imagination. And they will make use of the quiet corners, filled with pillows and picture books to help your child reach a sense of calm.

The Growing Years encourages sensorial learning by providing a stimulating environment and giving your child time and opportunity to explore. Their days are filled with books, music, blocks and more so that they can begin to understand the world around them.

The Growing Years realizes the importance of the behaviors they are modeling. We stress “please” and “thank you”, taking turns, following instructions, and considering others. While your child is learning about himself and busy looking out for himself, he is also developing a positive self-esteem which is essential to social development.

Your Toddler's Day

Arrival, *Exploration Centers, Diaper Changes, Hand Washing
Morning Snack, Clean-Up
Diaper Changes, Hand Washing,* Exploration Centers
Circle/Story Time, Teacher Directed Activities (Music, Dance, Art), *Exploration Centers
Outside Activities (Teacher Directed/Free Play)
Diaper Changes, Hand Washing, *Exploration Centers
Nap Time/Quiet Time
Afternoon Snack, Clean-Up
Diaper Changes, Hand Washing, *Exploration Centers
Teacher Directed Activities & *Exploration Centers
Outside Play/Gross Motor Indoors
*Exploration Centers (or outside depending upon weather), Prepare for Departure

*Infant & Toddler Exploration Centers include Gross Motor, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Early exploration (sensory & tactile), Early Science (mirrors, spinning, cause &effect), Manipulatives, and Books

Our Curriculum

We believe our curriculum promotes active life-long learning and allows children to become independent thinkers and problem solvers. We also believe with teaching staff and families working together, our children can achieve anything!