Indoor/Outdoor Environments

We know that every child is unique with their own special way of learning and discovering the world around them. That is why The Growing Years offers a multitude of stimulating activities with ample opportunities for expression and exploration.

Each of our classrooms are designed around different centers, each one with a purpose.

We also know that learning doesn’t stop when children go outside. The outdoors offers an array of learning opportunities. That is why all of our children go outside everyday, weather permitting. In addition to the running, jumping and game playing, we create outdoor learning environments where children of all ages can create art, play music or explore science or create a theatre if they wish to. All of our playgrounds are equipped with age appropriate equipment and checked regularly to ensure the safety of every child. This includes the infants who have their own play area with multiple surfaces for them to experience and learning equipment to stimulate cognitive as well as physical growth.