Meals & Snacks

The Growing Years believes that good nutrition is crucial to the success of our children and teaching good eating habits is essential. This is why our menus are developed to follow the USDA Meal Patterns for children.

"When good eating habits and positive attitudes toward food are established at an early age, the chance of an individual enjoying optimal health throughout life is increased. For young children, eating a nutritionally balanced diet is essential if they are to grow and develop normally." -- USDA

All of our centers offer a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack. Our menus are continually under development to expose new and different foods to the children, along with their favorites of course. You will never find a repetitive cycle at The Growing Years. Our menus are posted every week and available anytime for our parents. Click on the attached menu for a sample of a typical week’s menu.

Click here for a sample menu