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Our Approach

We believe early education is the catalyst to your child’s future success. From an early age, let’s teach our children to become independent thinkers. We support them to solve problems through cognitive thinking. We treat each young child as an individual by identifying their unique strengths and early education developmental opportunities.This is our guiding philosophy at The Growing Years Learning Centers. Through the use of Creative Curriculum, your child will build the confidence to try something new, make friends, and excel academically in a fun, activity-based learning environment.

Creative Curriculum is implemented and executed across all four of our locations in the Raleigh, NC region. These locations include Apex, Cary, Burlington and Clayton.

What is Creative Curriculum?

The educators and leaders of The Growing Years Learning Centers implement this state-approved curriculum into every component of your child’s care. As the most highly regarded pre-K curriculum in the nation, research shows this academically driven program is proven to increase kindergarten readiness and elevate your child’s ability to lead in the classroom. The Creative Curriculum follows a whole-child approach, one where the education of your child is not limited to literary skills, but also encourages emotional, physical, and cognitive development.

Through our inclusive program, your child will:

  • Excel in independent and group activities 
  • Learn to explore and innovate at young age
  • Better prepare for life outside of the classroom

Along the way, our team of dedicated teachers will guide your child through every step of the process. We believe in an activity-based learning environment, where students can take part in developmentally appropriate practices. We encourage independent exploratory play and constructive play for a more student-centered approach. What more, TGY incorporates monthly themes and learning objectives into the foundation of  your child’s developmental process throughout the year.

Our Curriculum

Curricular Highlights


As children begin their early childhood education, phonics comprise an integral part of their literacy development. Letterland was created to enhance your child’s phonetic abilities using a story-based approach. The story logic helps students retain concepts, build their imagination, and enjoy multi-sensory activities through music, role-play, and alliteration. By integrating phonics with realistic stories, your child will learn how to read and write using all 44 sounds and spellings.

Handwriting without tears

Handwriting Without Tears remains an essential part of our curriculum as it intrinsically develops and refines your child’s motor skills. As an award-winning method for integrating print and digital approach to handwriting, TGY believes children who master handwriting at an early age will better excel in all subjects later on. We inspire your child to draw, write, and master their penmanship through our developmentally appropriate activities that will foster the foundation of their communication aptitudes.


Music plays an important role in our culture at The Growing Years. Beyond bringing joy to children, it serves as an instructional method for child development and social and emotional understanding. The Kidtunes program allows children to create music and have fun, while actively taking part in creating. By exposing children to fun and humorous songs, we find this strengthens their natural ability to enjoy learning and express themselves more openly.


The Growing Years encourages cultural immersion with Spanish language acquisition. We believe early childhood is the optimal time to introduce a second language and build your child’s academic edge. By incorporating Kinderspanish into our curriculum, your child receives a fun and hands-on-approach to developing a bilingual brain with a deep vocabulary and more advanced reading skills. This cultural immersion experience is offered exclusively at our Burlington location, and remains an important milestone that benefits their social and academic future.

Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. By applying the best coaching, communication, and curriculum into active play, our children learn rudimentary soccer skills with an emphasis on teamwork and respect for others. Every TGY location offers inclusive Mini (2 to 3 years old), Classic (3 to 5 years old) and Premier (5 to 8 years old) programs that positively impact your child’s life both on and off the field.

Building parent-teacher relationships

We believe the academic success of each child advances with positive parent-teacher communication. To achieve this, The Growing Years takes great pride in our commitment to creating a collaborative learning environment, one where parents, teachers, and students all benefit. In fact, research shows that the more teachers and parents communicate openly, the better prepared both will be to help a child succeed.

We value our parents and understand their desire for clear, consistent feedback. Through our developmental assessments, our teachers track the individual progress of each child throughout the year, including what areas he/she is excelling in and what developmental milestones have not been reached. These assessments serve as the foundation to our lesson plans, as our skillful teachers plan instructive activities around the needs of your child.

We share these assessments with families at our semi-annual conferences, where teachers and parents embark in a two-way conversation. Together, we assess and evaluate the current development of your child and decide on a plan for their continued growth and education. There is no better way to prepare, provide, and protect the wellbeing of a child than through the consistent support of families and teachers in these early stages.

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