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Toddlers (12-24 months)

Exploration takes center stage when your child enters our toddler classroom. We provide this active preschool age group with the freedom to learn independently and interact with their environment firsthand. We encourage our toddlers to grab a toy, look through a book, and point to objects of interest by keeping educational content at eye level. Your toddler will achieve their childhood developmental milestones through our fun-filled exploration centers and receive the support of our caregivers through every lesson.

While our educators maintain a watchful eye, your toddler will learn to:

  • Easily transition to new environments or activities
  • Crawl, climb and walk to explore new objects
  • Learn about feelings and how to express them

Explore the classroom

Our preschool classrooms are designed with your toddler in mind. At this age, your little one is on the move, ready to explore every environment. This requires a well-organized space with opportunities for teacher-directed lessons and early childhood-initiated activities. More importantly, they learn in an environment where self-confidence and discovery are at the core of our preschool curriculum. By maintaining a safe and sanitary space, our children enjoy developmentally appropriate activities without distraction. 

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Inside an toddler’s day

Our toddlers enjoy group time, storytime, outdoor play, nutritious meals and snacks, naps, and allotted exploratory and solitary play to cultivate their imagination and creativity. With the support of our preschool educators, your toddler will begin to follow instructions easily and learn to incorporate manners into their daily requests. 

Play Time

Whether it’s stacking blocks, counting games, or group activities, your toddler will develop their communication and cognitive thinking through our exploratoration centers and structured play time.


Every day our toddlers are fed a nutritious meal, and two snacks to keep energy levels conducive for learning.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor activities inspire physical movement and brain stimulation, which prepares your toddler for learning. Toddlers enjoy up to 1 hour of outdoor play each day (weather permitting).

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