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Preschool (3, 4, and 5 year olds)

Preschool is the final step before your little one becomes a kindergartener. It is where your child’s development starts to blossom, and their curiosity towards everything begins to show. It is an important time for your young child to form independent ideas, self-expression, and linguistic skills that will aid their future development. At The Growing Years, we encourage our preschool educators to ask open-ended questions to inspire interests and impart objective thinking and problem solving. In collaboration with parents, our experienced preschool teachers readily prepare toddlers for the next phase of schooling by furthering their childhood development.

Explore the classroom

Take a look at one of our designated preschool classrooms to see how TGY prepares and equips our preschoolers in the right learning environment to succeed. There are three stages of preschool — early preschool (infant and toddler), preschool, and pre-kindergartener. Each stage is imperative to your child’s bright future and involves different levels of childhood development. We uphold clean and sanitary learning centers where your toddler can explore and learn with ample access to a variety of reading materials, play toys, and games. 

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Inside a preschooler’s day

Your preschooler will arrive each day between 7-7:45am. During this time our caregivers prepare them for a learning center activity, followed by a morning snack. Each preschool classroom will take part in group time and teacher-directed activities before embarking in outdoor play or gross motor activities if weather prevents us from going outside. After a nutritious lunch, our preschoolers unwind with allotted quiet time and nap opportunities. The remainder of the afternoon your little one will enjoy an afternoon snack, indoor and outdoor learning center preschool activities, and engaging story time before pick-up.

Learning center activity

Daily learning center activities, including reading, writing, art, science, and dress-up, are interactive stations in the classroom designed for social and cognitive growth.We encourage constructive and dramatic play both individually and with peers.


A nutritious appetite is at the core of your preschooler’s day. Between our two snack times and lunch, your little one will develop routine eating habits while embracing nutritious food groups that are conducive for learning.

Outdoor Play & Story Time

During outdoor play and story time, our preschoolers develop a disposition for creativity and imagination in their natural environment. Preschoolers partake in outdoor play for up to 1 hour each day (weather permitting). 

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