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School age (Kindergarten – 12 years)

The Growing Years offers a variety of educational programs for preschool and school age children. During holiday breaks, after-school care, and summer programs, we create a safe and nurturing environment for your child to succeed and continue learning on track. In accordance with COVID-19, we offer eLearning experiences to ensure every school age student can assimilate from the comfort of their home. By applying Creative Curriculum to daily activities, we help young children achieve educational and emotional development that coincides with their school objectives.

The Growing Years school age experience gives parents the peace of mind that their child is growing and learning in a secure, loving community. Through our commitment to early childhood educational excellence, our programs offer:

  • Transportation for schools with school age programs. Please check with a location near you for transportation availability.  
  • Shared weekly lesson plans with parents to encourage parent-teacher communication
  • Engaged activities like playing, cooking, and exploration outdoors
  • Teachings on how to embrace student sensitivities, diversity, and empathetic rational

Summer Program

During our preschool summer program, your child will enjoy a balance of fun and learning through a range of structured and independent activities. This includes daily lessons, independent reading, cooperative play, and organized sports to build your child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical growth. By gaining the skills to work as a team, and independently, this will strengthen your young child’s abilities at school and outside of the learning environment. The Growing Years preschool summer program even leads organized field trips to support our local communities.

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