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Infants (6 weeks – 12 months)

We understand this transition can initially cause a lot of stress and concern for parents and infants. It’s never easy for parents to leave their little one under the supervision of someone new. At The Growing Years, our experienced preschool teachers try to eliminate your worries as we welcome your young child openly with a warm and loving smile each day. We offer a safe and sanitary environment that remains flexible to meet your child’s needs. Our infants receive around-the-clock care and tender support to nurture their early childhood development, including gross motor, fine motor, language, and cognitive growth. Whether it’s diaper changes or routine feedings, we make sure your infant’s schedule mimics that of your home routine, while introducing valuable childhood developmental lessons throughout their day.

Explore the classroom

Our infants receive the utmost attention and care. To achieve this standard, our infant preschool teachers maintain a classroom environment that is secure and opportune for early childhood developmental growth. With a range of stimulating preschool activities and age-appropriate educational toys to explore, your infant begins his/her first year under the adept supervision of our caregivers in a family-like environment.

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Inside an infant’s day

The Growing Years infants take part in sensory activities, group time, outdoor play, naps, and meals and snacks. We incorporate our Creative Curriculum into our designated exploration centers throughout the classroom. Our infants engage and interact with their environment while remaining on a structured schedule.

Sensory Activities

Sensory play consists of any activity that expands your child’s touch, smell, taste, movement, and hearing. We encourages active play, singing, painting, and exploration to develop your
baby’s cognitive growth.

Group Time

Infants take part in group activities to help build and refine their motor skills and linguistic abilities. Our infants enjoy story time and interactive lessons with peers and teachers.

Outdoor Play

Our infants enjoy up to one hour of outdoor play each day. During this time, your child enjoys fresh air under the careful watch of our infant teachers.

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