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Together We Can Prepare, Provide, Protect

The Growing Years Learning Centers foster a safe and nurturing learning environment for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age students. Our locations are always seeking new families to serve. Whether you are new to our family or have been a part of our community before, we graciously welcome each child to our classroom with open arms. Our preschool curriculum empowers students to think independently through activities that build self-esteem, and cooperative learning. Through our dedication to early childhood education, we have created an atmosphere that prepares, provides, and protects children at all of our schools and continues to excel at early childhood development.


Our sole mission is to prepare your child with the tools they need to navigate the world around them. Whether it’s learning shapes and colors, walking for the first time, or building budding friendships, our children continuously excel through our student-centered approach to learning. To achieve success in the classroom, ample preparation is needed. We dedicate time and training to developing our preschool curriculum that prepares children for the future. By the time our children leave The Growing Years, they have the confidence to succeed academically and socially.

It is imperative to prepare your child for preschool but oftentimes both parents and children are faced with mixed emotions about this next phase. The Growing Years makes the transition easy. Our teachers provide positive reinforcement and encouragement to keep every student on track while inspiring them to make their own decisions inside and outside the classroom. We believe that a child’s developmental growth will exceed and inspire creativity through monthly themes, productive play time, and a safe and structured environment.


At The Growing Years Learning Centers, we believe education is the key to success, both as a child and as an adult. Every lead teacher or caregiver employed by The Growing Years has completed the North Carolina Early Childhood Credentials class, and most have completed or are pursuing their degree in Early Childhood Education. We provide our teachers with the necessary skills and supplies to run an activity-based learning environment and actively encourage them to continue their education through our employee benefits program that provides tuition assistance and scholarship opportunities.

Our childcare professionals are passionate about their career but also have extensive knowledge and proficiency with Creative Curriculum. Our preschool curriculum encourages a diverse environment and engages young children through independent and group activities that require the support and assistance of knowledgeable educators. In addition to the learning aspect, our teachers create a genuine bond with each of their students, providing the same level of nurture and love that they would enjoy at home.


The safety of your child is our top priority. At this age, your child is just beginning to walk, run, climb, and explore their new environment. It’s an exciting time for any parent to watch their young child develop, but it also warrants considerable caution and care. Our job is to protect your child while away from home. We value the trust that many parents impart in The Growing Years Learning Centers and acknowledge how difficult it can be to leave your child behind.

One of our biggest goals, beyond the education and welfare of our students, is to offer parents peace of mind. To meet this objective, our learning facilities uphold a strict safety policy, which prohibits any unauthorized visitors and utilizes a dual check in/out procedure. Through the operation of advanced security, our centers come equipped with protected outside doors, electronic codes for parent access, and live video footage of your child’s classroom (not currently available in Clayton). This means, the parents of The Growing Years, can check in on their loved one whenever they please.

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